Master Trainers

Bertrand Charles
Get the best workout of your life.

Learn to train harder and smarter with one of Cheshire’s most popular instructors, Bertrand. A firm believer that the best classes are those that are planned meticulously, Bertrand constantly introduces new adaptations to his classes to ensure you never get bored and your training is continually evolving.

Master Trainers | Dec 20, 2019

Jonathan Chianca
Professional dancer and choreographer

Our resident diva, Jonathan’s signature aerobics class Diva Fever has taken the UK by storm. Popular with Cheshire housewives, professional dancer and choreographer, Jonathan, brings a fun, wild and fiercely energetic approach to fitness. He says: “Working out should be fun!

Master Trainers | Dec 20, 2019

Kat Kirkman
Hot Pilates & Master Trainer at Athelis

As our Hot Pilates, Master Trainer at Athelis Health Club, Kat is undeniably the paragon of what a Master Trainer should be: armed with international experience instructing Hot Pilates in Bahrain as well as delivering renowned Pilates retreats in 5-star prestigious destinations, Kat is on a mission to change your body and mind.

Master Trainers | Dec 20, 2019