Georgie Starkie

Georgie Starkie

Boxing Coaching & Muaythai, Level 3 Sports Coach

Georgie has competed at a professional level in 2 sports; represented her country, helped coach professional athletes, prepared actors for film, helped clients get into the best shape of their life and enabled almost all her clients learn to fall in love with exercise. Don’t train with someone who has a diploma and has spent years working in a gym – come and train with a professional athlete, someone who has trained professional athletes and who lived, breathed and slept results at the highest level.

Boxing coaching & Muaythai / K1 coaching: If you’re going to learn a skill, you might as well learn it properly. Come and train with someone who has not only competed professionally but has also trained professionals. Whether you’re looking to become the best or find a fun new way to get that cardio in, you should give Georgie a call to find out more.

Weight Management: Whether going up or down in weight, Georgie can help you become the leanest/ fittest/sexiest version of yourself. As a fighter, we make weight the gram! Don’t let it be luck, this is a science. Call Georgie, set a goal body shape/weight, set a date. We will achieve it.

Strength and conditioning: Want to be more Explosive? Powerful? Faster? Stronger? More flexible? Supple? Or just understand how to stay injury-free? Call Georgie to learn how she programmed all of these while competing at the highest level and representing her country.

Instagram: @fitgurlgg

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