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Become Greater

Athelis is home to six unique and truly innovative fitness zones each dedicated to delivering a different approach to your workout and ultimately inspiring you to reach for new fitness goals. Feel the burn in Ignite, reconnect at Breathe and push yourself to the max on The Field. It’s time to enter the zone…

Functional Training Area

Transform your training and head to the Park, Athelis’ functional fitness playground that tests your strength and fitness. The Park's equipment has been hand-selected to activate numerous muscle groups at the same time, allowing each area of your body to work in perfect harmony.

Spin Studio

Why not take an adrenaline-fuelled trip around Dome, our dedicated high-intensity spin arena and home to the physically and mentally demanding spin class. Led by our motivating and energetic instructors, our gruelling spin classes guarantee to put you through your paces, burning calories and exhilarating your day.

Rooftop Training Area

Take to The Field and embrace the elements. Come rain or shine, a fitness session on the field is the unlike any way you have exercised before. Bathe in the rays of a picturesque sunrise during an early morning yoga session or feel the welcome chill on your face as your push your body to its limits. The Field opens up a world of outdoor training possibilities you just need to step outside. 

Innovative Classes

Check out our diverse range of innovative classes to get you moving.

Yoga Studio

Alleviate stress and surrender your mind in our dedicated hot yoga studio. This truly restorative zone is built with peace and tranquillity in mind. Let our yoga experts help you find your natural equilibrium and peace of mind. Embrace the holistic setting, stretch out, zone out, and discover a new you. 

Main Fitness Studio

The stage is a platform to test your boundaries and elevate your fitness to the next level. Our main fitness studio allows you to experience fitness like never before with a truly diverse selection of original and ground-breaking classes on offer. Bright, energetic and inspirational, The Stage is the perfect place for you to find your fitness feet and lose your inhibitions.

HIIT Training Area

Are you ready to turn up the heat?  Enter Ignite, a no-nonsense training space that guarantees to make you feel the burn. Take part in diverse and demanding group workout sessions headed by one of Athelis' highly-qualified personal trainers who will not only challenge you to get the most out of each HIIT session but inspire you to be greater during the next.