Introducing the next generation of health and fitness – an entirely unique destination that gives you the power and possibilities to create and develop your own health and wellbeing journey. 

Arrive and unwind, turn up and tune out, set goals and achieve the best version of you.

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Tear up the rulebook, it’s time to take control of your fitness destiny with a holistic approach to enhance your every day.

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Investing in you has never been more important. Seek more from fitness and focus on relaxing both mind and body at Athelis.

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With a menu to suit your every mood, our restaurant is diverse and varied for those who want to maintain their health goals and for those times when you want to indulge.

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Athelis is a super club in every sense of the word. From unrivalled fitness equipment and classes to exceptional facilities and service, it’s time to forget everything you knew about fitness and embark on the best journey of your life.


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A range of Signature Classes to get you moving

Rooftop Yoga

Slow down. Enjoy the views. Savour the memories. Start your week with Cheshire’sonly rooftop yoga practice. A salutation-based practice designed to prepare you for the week ahead.


Based on Japanese training protocols, a high-intensity interval workout where your rest is always shorter than your work. There’s no hiding in this one.


The time has come to define who you truly are. Welcome to definition: the ultimate mind and body transformation workout led by our signature international trainer, Pierre Pozzuto. The journey to a more defined you, starts here.

Ride: Beat!

The music never stops . . . And neither do we. Move to the beat in our rhythm-driven cycling experience. With you controlling your intensity, Ride: Beat! Is as difficult as you make it. Press play. And enjoy the ride.

Home to MYZONE technology

Here at Athelis, MYZONE gives you the power to gain real-time feedback of your fitness performance as you enter THE DOME, IGNITE and train in our state-of-the-art gym.

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