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Here at Athelis, MYZONE gives you the power to gain real-time feedback of your fitness performance as you enter THE DOME, IGNITE and train in our state-of-the-art gym.


Exclusive to Athelis, it’s time to unleash the champion in our signature forward-thinking, boxing workout. Utilising pad and glove work, you’ll master killer combinations, professional techniques and hard-hitting drills in a motivating environment that’s guaranteed to leave you fighting fit. Welcome to Boxelis.


Experience the art of combat in our hardcore, mixed-martial-arts inspired, cardiovascular workout that will leave you empowered to take on the world. Focusing on speed, agility and coordination you’ll burn up to 800 calories per class. Confliktsolved.

Diva Fever

Some believe divas were born . . . we believe they're created. Unleash your inner-diva with the diva of all divas, Jonathan Chianca, in this ridiculously entertaining and high-energy signature aerobics class. Cher, Mariah, Whitney or Britney? The choice is yours.


A favourite among the Hollywood elite, high-intensity interval skipping is taking the globe by storm. Burning twice the calories of a spin class, it’s easy to see why: combining short, sharp bursts of skipping with athletic, groundwork drills, HIIS is a sure-fire method for getting fitter, faster.


Power. Strength. Height. This is Altitude: our 45-minute, high-intensity, power climbing, strength-building, cycling experience. Take your endurance to the next level as you navigate the DOME. With oxygen fading and time ticking, the stakes are high. Do you have what it takes to bag the DOME summit?

Here at Athelis, MYZONE gives you the power to gain real-time feedback of your fitness performance as you enter THE DOME, IGNITE and train in our state-of-the-art gym.


Inspired by our female coaches, enter our own Mount Olympus, THE PARK, where you'll discover the courage and skill to lift correctly, hone your technique, and develop your strength in an intimate and motivating environment. Wrapping up with a war-fuelled 15-minute WOD, you'll be sure to leave looking and feeling like a goddess.


It’s Every Minute on the Minute for 30 minutes in this high-intense, PARK workout, expertly curated to carve your physique and sharpen your mind-set. It doesn’t matterhow slow you go . . . but you need to be fast enough to rep out your sets before the time is up in this tantalizingly outrageous workout. The quicker you climb, the longer you rest.


Your workout of the evening. Expect a combination of aerobic and anaerobic training in our cutting-edge, PARK environment. Motivated by our MMA trainer and yourpeers, you’ll unearth your edge as you train at maximal and sub-maximal intensities to condition your cardiac muscle and accomplish peak performance.

Ashtanga Yoga

Considered the most vigorous form of yoga: experience an exhilarating state of nirvana as our instructor guides you on a 90-minute pilgrimage where you’ll sync astructured series of postures with the breath. Amplify your strength, enhance your flexibility, and vanquish your stress-hormones in this profound, ancient practice.

Breath Space

Our restorative BREATHE studio is a place of calm, stillness and tranquillity  we believe the mind should be, too. Slow down, escape the day and find your breathing space in this mental-oriented practice designed to calm the sympathetic nervous system, tame your cortisol levels, and safeguard your mental wellbeing. Guided by our Mind and Body Master Trainer, you’ll be encouraged to take conscious control of your breathing whilst resetting your internal narrative helping you discover the power of now.

Classical Pilates

The method of choice for rehabilitation: our classical Pilates is the ideal antidote to contemporary living. Guided by our highly-trained and professional instructor, you’llwork your way through a system of movements designed to alleviate back pain, elongate your spine, and balance the body. The perfect prescription for modern life.

Hatha Yoga

A fundamental approach to the practice of yoga: Hatha merges movement and poses with breathing and relaxation, promising decisive developments to your strength, flexibility, muscle and tone. Prepare to discover your mind-muscle connection.

After Dark

Novices train on the streets  champions train on the roof. Elevate your speed, stamina, precision and tenacity in our signature, pure cardio workout. Aiming for a personal best? This one’s for you.


Embrace the elements with one of the toughest workouts in Cheshire. Set on our roof-top training ground, ATHELIS Bootcamp is our cutting-edge, signature workout designed to push you beyond your limits. Both mentally and physically challenging, you’ll be taken through a series of advanced training drills to sharpen the body, refine the muscles and engineer the mind. Only the brave will survive.

HIIT Octane

8 exercises. 8 sets. Fire up and burn it down in our explosive, signature HIIT workout that will leave you burning extra calories long after the session is over.

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